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OHO! is a development project for promoting study ability, wellbeing and participation in higher education institutions in 2017–2019. It involves 11 higher education institutions and is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The starting point of OHO! is to create optimal conditions for studying and take care of students.

The OHO! project promotes students’ study ability and wellbeing by improving their participation in the study community. The project consist of three thematic entities:

GOOD START promotes the students’ attachment to their studies and the higher education community. It develops orientation training as well as peer and teacher tutoring. It also creates ways to connect working life themes to guidance right from the start of studies.

PEDAGOGY FOR WELLBEING develops community-based pedagogy with training series for teachers. In addition, it designs research-based meters and analytics tools for wellbeing, motivation, participation and study skills.

HIGHER EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE creates uniform accessibility criteria based on national surveys of accessibility in higher education institutions. Furthermore, the entity develops pedagogical tools to promote accessibility.

Further information

Ulla Klemola, project leader, University of Jyväskylä , tel. 040 8053340

OHO!Project participated in the Peer Learning Activity in Brussels


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    • Reading Ambassador Silva Mölsä tells about her learning difficulties and her studies.
    • In English:
      Summary of episode 1.

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